The Importance Of Financially Supporting UK Grassroots Football And Grassroots Sports

A question that often comes up when talking about local football on the amateur level is just how grassroots football and grassroots sports gets funded. The truth is that grassroots football and grassroots sports actually receives very little funding from advertisers the way professional football does and teams have to rely on various grants as well as donations from local businesses and the community in which these teams play.

Why We Invest In Grassroots Football And Grassroots Sports

     Now, you might be wondering, ‘Why bother then?’ ‘If grassroots football and grassroots sports aren’t important enough for professional level funding, why does it even exist?’ While there are many reasons that we need grassroots football and grassroots sports here in the UK, the main reason is that investing in the grassroots game is crucial to building an active nation.

     Keeping children active and interested in sports is not only good for their physical health, but it helps them succeed both socially and academically as well. We are not only building a more active nation through grassroots football and grassroots sports, but a stronger one as well.

What Is Grassroots Football?

     From generation to generation, football has always been a hereditary game. And grassroots football seeks to develop football from the local level. Grassroots football players are amateurs, playing quite simply for the love of the game. Through the support of local football fans, volunteers, parents of players, sponsors and the players themselves, grassroots football lives on.

Printsave Supports Grassroots Football

     Printsave is the UK’s leading supplier of printers and photocopiers to small to medium and enterprise level businesses throughout the country. Our exclusive Printsave Reward Scheme gives back £1,000,000.00 to grassroots sports. Here’s how it works: “If your place of work purchases new photocopiers or desktop printers from Printsave, we will donate £250 per photocopier & £100 per desktop printer to their chosen grassroots sports club.” It’s that easy to help out a good cause and do something good for the community.

Contact Printsave

    To learn more about the importance of financially supporting UK grassroots football and grassroots sports, contact Printsave today and see how you can save on a new photocopier or desktop printer while earning a donation to grassroots sports club of your choosing.

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