The Financial Impact The Coronavirus Will Have On UK Football / Sports Clubs

The recent coronavirus pandemic has affected people around the world as it is spreading rapidly with no clear end in sight. The fantastic NHS is overloaded, grocery store shelves are empty and the media is reporting new coronavirus cases every hour. With all of this chaos, people need a distraction and, for many, that has always been football.

     Unfortunately, with social distancing guidelines, lockdowns and shelter in place orders, it doesn’t look like we are going to have any football for a while. At least the rest of the season. So, we know how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting football fans, but how is it affecting UK football clubs?

     Many semi-professional, amateur football clubs and other grassroots sports clubs rely on sponsorship, donations, ticket sales to matches, club house bookings etc. Without matches to be played, there is no funding to be had. This is not only having a negative impact on grassroots sports, but it could lead to the dissolution of some of the UK’s smaller football clubs.

The Fans Want Football

     Typically, football clubs go under due to a lack of fans. But that isn’t the case today. The fans want football, they want to watch the matches in person, but stopping the spread of the coronavirus is our number one priority right now.

     When the coronavirus pandemic is finally under control and people can go out again, the fans will still be there, but grassroots football clubs might not. Your local football club needs your support. Give them a call and tell them about our Reward Scheme, its free to all sports clubs so nothing to lose and potentially lots to gain.

Printsave Supports Grassroots Football

     Printsave are a UK leading supplier of Photocopiers and Printers to small, medium and enterprise level businesses throughout the Country. Our unique Printsave Rewards Scheme gives back £1,000,000.00 to grassroots sports. Here’s how it works: “If your place of work purchases or leases new photocopiers or desktop printers from Printsave, we will donate £250 per photocopier & £100 per desktop printer to their chosen grassroots sports club.” It’s that easy to help out a good cause and do something good for sports clubs and the community.

Contact Printsave

    To learn more about the importance of financially supporting UK grassroots football and grassroots sports, contact Printsave today and see how your business  can save money on a new photocopier or desktop printer while earning a donation to a grassroots sports club of your choosing.

Contact our team on 01928 242 196 or 02036 571 480

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