Legal Firm

The Facilities Manager of this well-established law firm based in the North West approached a UTAX Partner as they had a need for a simple pull printing solution that would offer added security.

After further discussions, it became apparent that it wasn’t just a simple pull printing solution that they required, they also had a necessity for a secure scanning facility that would manage a centrally controlled user address book. They also had a requirement to accurately account for and charge for document output, quickly and easily.

Having met with the UTAX Partner and members of the UTAX Solutions Team, we realised that our needs were a lot more complex that we had initially anticipated. We needed to have access to reports that would show total transparency of our entire print output,” admits the Facilities Manager.

The firm liked how the UTAX Partner explained how each of their objectives could be met. They were particularly impressed with the introduction of a UTAX Solutions Manager was brought into one of the meetings to explain how each solution could overcome their pain points.

The UTAX Partner offered a proposal based on the UTAX LegalPack, which provides solutions for billing and cost control, rules based printing, document and data security and forms management, all with a focus on delivering a professional print output strategy for solicitors, barristers, magistrates and law courts.

Scanning and archiving from physical to electronic documentation is important and data security is a major concern. The successful proposal focused on not only pull printing but a fully integrated scanning facility.

We were impressed by how quickly and with little disruption the installation took place. The implementation of cost centre code allocation, based on both user profiles and predefined job codes, was quick and simple; enabling monthly reporting and cost allocation at the touch of button. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the UTAX Partner and UTAX Solutions to like-minded firms,” adds the Facilities Manager.

Rather than having a simple scanning process of address books maintained individually on each device, the secure scanning facility now manages a centrally controlled user address book across the entire network – allowing for easy administration of users. Implementation of group policies for function control such as the prevention of colour output is also possible.

The customer now has an efficient, easy to use and maintain, fully integrated solution - provided by a single supplier, fully supported by UTAX – which not only provided the initial pull printing functionality but answered issues they were not immediately aware of as well as providing a significant cost reduction for their entire print output.

The UTAX partner has not only secured the hardware lease but has ensured a longer term, stronger relationship with the customer, through his attitude to not only solving the problem he was presented with but looking at the output environment as a whole, whilst demonstrating to the rest of his customer base his abilities.