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Our sports partners

Sign up to sport@printsaveltd.com Printsave’ s Reward Scheme allows your Sports Club to earn up to £250 per Photocopier & up to £100 per Desktop Printer


Printsave want to give back to the community and have created a business to business Reward Scheme to help Sports Clubs benefit from their cycle of influence i.e. club officials, club sponsors, committee members, managers, assistant managers, parents etc.

The purpose of the Reward Scheme is to benefit the Sports Club and help provide equipment funding for the children.

How The Reward Scheme Works:

All referrals from the Sports Club to Printsave will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Printsave will contact the referral (Company) and arrange a meeting at their offices.

Printsave will complete a proposal and present to the customer (All meetings will be documented, and feedback will be provided to the Sports Club with a full breakdown of the presented solution).

The outcome from all meetings will be as follows:

- The company wishes to proceed with the Printsave proposal, upon customer installation Printsave will pay the Reward Scheme payment directly to the Sports Club.

- The company choses to decline the Printsave proposal, Printsave will agree with the customer a convenient future date to contact them again.

If for whatever reason it’s not commercially beneficial for the customer to proceed at this time, Printsave will calculate a time frame when the customer would be able to change, i.e. 9, 12, 18 months’ etc. All customers who do proceed will be looked after by dedicated account managers at Printsave, at a future point, i.e. 18 months into a 3-year agreement or 2 ½ years into a 5-year agreement Printsave will offer a new cost saving solution to the customer.

If or as and when the customer upgrades to a new solution Printsave will again deliver a Reward Scheme payment to the Sports Club.

This Reward Scheme payment will be based on the same up to £250 or up to £100 per Photocopier or Desktop Printer.

Any existing customer referring Printsave to a new customer will also mean the Sports Club receiving the Reward Scheme payment based on the same up to £250 or up to £100 per Photocopier or Desktop Printer.

*All Photocopiers and Desktop Printers must be on a minimum 3-year lease with a service agreement to qualify for the Reward Scheme Payment.